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Flights from London
Mixed Board
2 nights
2 Adults


Flights from London
Mixed Board
3 nights
2 Adults


Flights from London
Room only
3 nights
2 Adults


Flights from London
Room only
3 nights
2 adults

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Our aim is to save money on your travel. We are an independent and totally free services that provide fast and easy to use search tools which find cheap plane tickets by bringing as many different travel providers together into one place – saving you time, and more importantly, saving you money!

Cheap Flights

Discover your dream destinations by searching for cheap plane tickets at Online booking is much easier now, so you can compare all of your options for domestic and international cheap flights. Deciding on which days to fly also is a matter of consideration. Choosing to fly on weekdays is much cheaper than on Saturdays and Sundays. Flying form a major airport means that you’ll often get a cheaper price. If you are able to be flexible on dates and times this can also help you to bag a bargain.

Cheap Hotels

Here at 123cheaptravel we know that you don’t want to have to spend hours trying to find yourself a best hotel deals. We have designed our website with you in mind – we want you to be able to find whatever you need quickly and easily. Use our comparison search tool to find and book cheap hotels deals worldwide.

Cheap Holidays

Whether you’re looking for cheap airline tickets, hotels or in general best holiday deals, you’ll be able to find it here at the click of a button. Online booking is much easier now, choose your next destination and look for our various cheap package holidays at suitable prices.

Cheap Car Hire

We believe that everyone should have the chance to visit new places on your own, and our website compare cheap car hire for the place you want and we’ll get you quotes and details from all sorts of places. This allows you to see exactly what is on offer and compare between them in order to find the best cheap car hire deal for you.

Money Saving Tips

The plane ticket prices are not the same all the time as there is always a fluctuation in the flight rates. Air tickets are one of the costliest parts of your travel so people are in constant search of saving money on air tickets. Here are a few ways to save money on plane tickets online.

Avoid Buying Tickets on Weekends

On weekend you may get more time to browse so does other people. Try to avoid booking tickets on weekends, if you want cheap travel deals. Due to more searches on weekends the prices are high. So wait till Monday or Tuesday to book your plane tickets online.

Book your tickets at least 30 days before departure

If you want to save money on cheap air travel, then book your ticket at least one month before your departure. The people who have planned journey they can save some money by booking tickets in advance.

Use Incognito Window to Search Flights

When you search for cheap travel, the same route multiple times many search engines increase the ticket fare. So use incognito window to avoid any increase in the fare.

Compare prices

To get very cheap plane tickets, compare the flight rates. Our booking tool offer best flight comparison from many travel providers to give you the best rate for your cheap airline tickets.

Try to fly off hours

I know this is a hard time to travel but you can save a lot of money. Fly between 5 am to 8 am as this is the time many people don’t like to travel.

Don’t spend extra for your preferred seat

You can get any seat when airline decides your seat. But if you choose your preferred exit seat you might need to pay extra money for that seat. Don’t spend extra for that seat.

Use flexible date search to find the cheapest flight

If it is not important to go on the exact date then you can do a flexible date search to find the best flight deals. To avail the low prices on your cheap travel packages, search for the cheapest date to fly around your travel dates. Our best flight comparison tool let you see the flight tickets for a month. So book a flight when the rates are lowest.

Take the advantage of 24 hours refund

Many travellers are not aware of this trick that they can cancel or change their flight tickets within 24 hours even if the tickets are non-refundable. So book a ticket and track the price of the flight for the next 24 hours and when you see the price is dropping cancel or change your ticket.

So if you are planning and looking for cheap travel, then you can use the above tricks to get the cheap plane tickets.

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