Barcelona Tourist Attraction Ready to Blow Your Mind!

Viva La Barcelona! Barcelona is a world class city in Spain that is like no other. It is the capital of the Catalonia region and has a bustling population of over a million and a half people. If you are looking for cheap package holidays and a place to a visit that is sun drenched with natural and architectural beauty that also has a fascinating history, great food, entertainment and shopping and is located by the water then Barcelona is the place for you. It has a propulsive energy and there are a number of can’t miss places to see there. In this article we will explore five of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona, which you can easily visit on your weekend break in Spain.

1. Parc Güell

This stunning space is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is easy to see why. It combines the natural beauty of a location in the hill with the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Get used to that name because Gaudi’s work is everywhere in Barcelona and it is a big part of what makes Barcelona a uniquely beautiful city. In Parc Güell there are numerous examples of his colorful designs in the Catalan Modernism style that he championed. The park is a great place to hike and is carefully preserved to be in harmony with nature. There are restrictions that are aimed at preserving the ecosystem in the area. Located throughout the park are a number of places to rest, enjoy nature and have a picnic. It is easily accessible by bus. Parc Güell is truly one of the top tourist destinations in Barcelona.

2. Picasso Musuem

Celebrate the life and mind-bending art of Pablo Picasso at the impressive Picasso Museum. Picasso spent many of his formative years and Barcelona and felt that he was from Barcelona so it is certainly fitting that there is a large museum of his work in the city. It is consistently rated as one of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona. While many of his most famous paintings are in other museums and collections it here that you can view a unique collection of over 4000 works, including early sketches and canvases that showcase his development from student to master. The museum is located in several Gothic mansions that are works of art themselves.

3. Barrio Gotico

The Barrio Gotico is truly one of the most historic and interesting neighborhoods in Barcelona. It is the location of the medieval city of Barcelona, which sprang up around the ancient Roman town of Barcino. Be sure to visit the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat (history museum), where you can see the remains of Roman houses and streets. Outside the museum you will see stunning examples of gothic architecture, churches, and plazas. You can also see the remains of the old Roman walls, built to last! There are colorful street performers in the markets, great food and unique finds for the dedicated shopper. Beware, however, of pickpockets while taking in the ancient and modern sites at this top tourist destination in Barcelona.

4. Montjuic hill and Poble Espanyol Spanish Village

Montijuic hill is actually a location with several famous tourist attractions in Barcelona. The charming Spanish village Poble Espanyol was built for the 1929 World’s Fair. It acts as a showcase for the different regional styles and influences in Spain. This celebration of Spanish culture remained popular even after World’s Fair ended. It has thrived and expanded to include a number of night clubs, café’s, and restaurants. Visitors can shop for a treasure at over forty artisan craft shops. The El Tablao de Carmen Flamenco Show is one of the most exciting shows in Barcelona. The new “Fiesta” space is a truly immersive, multimedia show that puts the spotlight on Spain’s cultural festivals, celebrations and breath-taking landscapes. For a trip into the dark past you can also visit a former fort know as Montijuic Castle. It has a storied and often grim history. It is truly one the most interesting tourist attractions in Barcelona.

5. La Sagrada Familia

The La Sagrada Familia temple is one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona, during your Spain holidays . It is an absolutely stunning example of Antoni Gaudi’s work. From the outside it has a Gothic appearance that is heavily modified by Gaudi’s unique brand of Modernism. He designed it in 1882 and it has been under construction since. The exterior now boasts eight magnificent spires with a total of eighteen spires planned. The architecture is just as amazing in the interior, particularly the stained glass-windows, which catch the light in a celestial way in the morning and afternoon. Even incomplete the church hosts three million visitors a year. Over two-hundred workers and 20 architects labor to maintain and complete this amazing structure. The plan is to complete it by 2026. Like the classic medieval cathedrals of Europe, it is a labor of love that has taken decades of construction. Small wonder it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.