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We all live a busy life, which means that we deserve a break. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a long weekend or just a couple of weeks away, a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy life is essential. The problem is that often, when you add up all the different things needed to have a break away from home it can often become too expensive for us to afford.

Here at, we believe that everyone should have the chance to get away from home. We created this website to give people access to the easiest ways to book cheap hotel deals. Enter your requirements and hit search, then compare hotel prices from leading room providers – all on one website. Simply select the deal which is within your budget and you will be transferred to the provider’s site to make your booking.

Why Find Cheap Hotel Deals With Us?

Our service is secure, free and easy to use. As our search tool is part of Trip Advisor, which is the world’s largest travel information platform, therefore we are dedicated to saving you money by providing best hotels.

Simply select the hotel provider from our search, and then compare cheap hotel deals. Booking is easy too, as we take you direct to the travel company.

We can save you money

By using our comparison tools you can look up different hotels to luxury suites, and compare everything they have to offer and their prices. This not only helps to make sure you get the best hotels, but it helps to make sure that you get the best value for money.

Be vigilant and avoid added costs

This one is very much in your control.  There are a lot of different ways that hotels will add on to the base price of the room.  Hidden charges abound.  A lot of cheap Hotel deals might not be as cheap once those charges add up.  Make sure you ask about local taxes and service charges.  You can avoid some excessive charges if you know about them ahead of time.  Never crack open the minibar unless you want to pay a huge mark-up on a drink or a snack that you can get for much less from a vending machine or by running across the street to a market, pharmacy or gas station.  Use your mobile phone or a prepaid calling card to avoid calling from your hotel phone and incurring outrageous rates.

Stay at a Chain Hotel

I know what you are thinking.  Chain hotels are bland, they lack character, there is no local flavour to them, and they don’t have anything to unique to add to your travels.  They are a mass-volume business and that can make them feel impersonal but that also works in your favour.  Because they are a chain business, and they want to keep their rooms occupied and they offer good online discounts when you compare hotel prices.

Plan a weekend stay

At a lot of hotels the period of maximum occupancy is during the week.  That is because they cater to business people who travel during the week for business.  As a result, they charge more for their rooms during the week, Monday through Thursday.  Prices drop dramatically on the weekend when the business executives have gone home. In many places you can find cheap hotel deals when you search online by using our tool.  Sunday night stays tend to be best for cheap hotel deals.