Edinburgh, a place which is located in the northern region of the United Kingdom, is equipped with various fantastic travel destinations. While you are visiting this place for the first time after booking your cheap hotels in Edinburgh city center, then you may have a lot of concerns in your mind, and the biggest thing that arises into your account is what the things to do in Edinburgh Scotland are?

Today, in this post, we will discuss all those five things that you must do in Edinburgh, Scotland, which will make your trip more adventurous and interesting.

Royal Botanic Garden

If you are looking to explore peace and something which is lashed with green parks, then you must visit the Royal Botanic Garden. This garden is spread over the region of 70 acres and having around 3,000 exotic varieties of plants. This garden is known for its rhododendron flowers. While you will visit this garden, you will learn a lot of new things about herbs.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

This place is the best for you when you are traveling along with your kids. At this place, you can find out a lot of puzzles, optical illusions, and games, which will be very much enjoyable for kids. This place is opened in the year 1835 and is one of the oldest attractions situated in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotch Whisky Experience

Get a new and fantastic experience of drinking at Scotch Whisky Experience. Here you will know more about the taste of whiskey, and this place is having one of the largest collections of whiskey. At this place, you can spend around 1 to two of your day.

National Museum of Scotland

When you love exploring the culture and monuments of Scotland, then visiting the National Museum of Scotland after booking your cheap hotels in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the best choice for you. At this place, you will know about the history of the site. At this place, you will see the Dolly the sheep display, which is the first mammal made with the help of the adult cell.

Royal Yacht Britannia

When you are choosing Edinburgh Scotland as your honeymoon destination, then you must visit this place. This yacht is the home for the royal families from the last 44 years. Having amazing interiors, mind-blowing history, and an excellent museum is the place that is the best thing to do in Edinburgh, Scotland. You will also get an audio guide when you visit this place, which will make you ease in understanding more about this place.

Edinburgh Castle

This place is the most recognized and widely famous landmark in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the place that is loved by the travelers who visit Edinburgh after booking their cheap hotel deals in Edinburgh central. While you visit this place, you will come to know about various facts and the history of this place.

At last, make your tour to Edinburgh Scotland more entertaining after visiting these places.